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Big beers deserve big bottles. Find these 22-oz. heavyweights year round in a store near you.

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Brewers’ Cut

Even with a portfolio chock full of variety, our brewers are always excited about the next beer they want to brew. The Brewers’ Cut series gives our talented brewing staff an inspired outlet for these beers. With the creation of these recipes, both our team and our fans win.

Upcoming Releases

Belgian-Style Pale Ale

Project 19

Café de Olla Porter

Project 18


  • Oyster Stout

    Texas Gulf oysters provide a perfect counterpoint to the dark roasted malt of this traditional Stout.

    ABV: 8.5% IBU: 33

    Grand Cru

    Mandarina Bavaria Hops, plus sweet and bitter orange peel contribute a pronounced flavor and aroma that pairs with the spicy yeast character of this special Belgian ale.

    IBU: 33 OG: 18 ABV: 8.5%

  • Signature Hop Pale Ale – Ultra

    Old world hop lineage with a distinct American character. Mild spiciness and subtle floral character abound in this second Signature Hop release.

    California Common

    A lager beer fermented at warmer ale temperatures, our California Common is medium bodied, dry, and refreshing. Characterized by toffee notes and a subtle citrus hop character.

  • Double IPA

    Our Double IPA dons a helm of copper color. A pronounced character of Simcoe and Amarillo hops balance a striking bitterness.


    A subtle, yet flavorful ale, our Witbier is highlighted by its unique yeast character, unmalted wheat, and our house blend of herbs and spices. (Contains wheat.)

  • Maibock

    With all of the heft of a hearty Bockbier, but none of its dark malt character, the Maibock offers a refreshingly hoppy view of the summer to come.


    A cold fermented ale that derives from Koln, Germany. Brewed with Tettnang hops and premium German pilsner malt. Delicate and crisp, hoppy and dry. (Contains wheat)

  • Blonde Barleywine Ale

    Our tribute to a Bitter End Brewery original, “1000M.” Its a deceivingly blonde Barleywine, resurrected 10 years to the day of its first and only brew. (Contains wheat)


    A unique variation on the Dusseldorf classic, this Sticke Alt has an elevated noble hop profile, a more pronounced bitterness, and a firm malt body. (Contains wheat)

    A Silver Medal Winner, German-Style Altbier, at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival ®

  • Imperial Red Ale

    Feel the warm embrace of malt and hops. Enjoy a bold Red Ale with firm caramel malt character and hefty doses of Centennial hops.

    Dry-Hopped Porter

    Amarillo hops were first added to a firkin of our favorite porter. It was only a matter of time before they found their way into the fermenter.

  • Signature Hop Pale Ale – Herkules

    A high alpha-acid German hop with a pronounced aroma of citrus and melon, suitable both for bittering and flavor development.

    Black Quadrupel

    The strength of Belgian tradition meets a twist of black malt. Candi sugar, dried fruit, and a subtle dry roastiness mix for a deliciously dark complexity.

Mysterium Verum

Once small and experimental, now dynamic and award-winning, this diverse family of ales utilizes new oak, used wine and spirits barrels, as well as secondary fermentation with wild yeasts and bacteria to produce complex flavors beyond the realm of traditional brewers yeasts.


Base beer — Real Heavy
Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine
Maturation — 10-12 months
Tasting notes — caramel/toffee, vanilla

Tenebrae Aeterna

Base beer - Robust Porter 
Maturation - 2 years
Secondary fermentation- Wild yeast and bacteria in barrels
Tasting notes - Cherry pie, chocolate, toffee, hazelnut, vanilla


Base beer — Robust Porter 
Barrels — Virgin American oak bourbon barrels 
Maturation — 12 months
Tasting notes — Chocolate, vanilla, toffee, slight hint of pepper


  • Volume XV

    Base beer — 15th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout
    Barrels — bourbon
    Maturation — 10 months
    Tasting notes — vanilla, cinnamon, dark chocolate, citrus

    Volume XIV

    Base beer — 14th Anniversary Strong Blonde Ale
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red and white wine
    Maturation — 8 months
    Tasting notes — Vanilla, apricot, pineapple, passionfuit

  • Volume XIII

    Base beer — 13th Anniversary Belgo
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine
    Maturation — 8 months
    Tasting notes — Orange marmalade, toffee, spice


    Base beer — Lost Gold
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine
    Maturation — 6-8 months
    Tasting notes — citrus, apricot

  • Shipwrecked

    Base beer — Real Heavy
    Barrels — Irish Whiskey
    Maturation — 6 months
    Tasting notes — vanilla, figs, stone fruit


    Base beer — Lost Gold
    Maturation — 6-8 months
    Secondary fermentation — indigenous wild yeast
    Tasting notes — apricot, funky, dry, pepper

  • Scots Gone Wild

    Base beer — Scotch ale
    Maturation — 12-14 months
    Secondary fermentation — wild yeasts and bacteria in barrels
    Tasting notes — cherry pie, tart.

    The Kraken

    Base beer — Sisyphus
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine
    Maturation — blend of 4-12 months
    Tasting notes — caramel/toffee, citrus fruit, vanilla, cinnamon

  • Codex Triplex

    Base beer — WT3F?!
    Primary fermentation — Brettanomyces Bruxellensis in stainless unitank
    Maturation — 2 years
    Secondary fermentation — Lactobacillus Delbruekii in barrels
    Tasting notes — funky, fruit, tart, dry


    Base beer — blend of brown ales
    Maturation — 2 years
    Secondary fermentation — wild yeast and bacteria in barrels
    Tasting notes — toffee, cherry pie, tart

    2014 GABF® Gold Medal Winner
    Belgian Style Lambic or Sour Ale

  • The Devil’s Share

    Base beer — Devil’s Backbone
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine.
    Maturation — 6-12 months
    Tasting Notes — Caramel, vanilla, cinnamon


    Base beer — Brewers' Cut Blonde Barleywine
    Barrels — medium toast plus American oak red wine and white port
    Maturation — 11 months
    Tasting Notes — Caramel, vanilla, tangerine, passionfruit, white pepper

  • Volume XVII

    Base beer — 17th Anniversary Belgian style strong blonde ale.
    Barrels — medium plus toast American oak red wine.
    Maturation — 10 months.
    Tasting notes — prominent caramel and vanilla with notes of passionfruit, pineapple and guava.

Special Offerings

Limited, rare and delicious.

19th Anniversary Ale Baltic Porter

A relatively obscure sub-style of porter, this imposing brew honors the roots of its heritage. Like its English counterparts, it is malt forward with the focus on dark malt character. Our porter is a heartier brew like the inspirational beers of the Baltic region. Available for a limited time in 22-oz. bombers and on draught where you can find it. ABV 7.7% IBU 30 OG 18

Blakkr Imperial Black Ale

BLAKKR Imperial Black Ale is the spawn of the long awaited collaboration between Surly, Three Floyds and Real Ale Brewing Company. Subtle dark malt and toffee character quickly yields to the citrus and tropical notes provided by a staggering amount of hops. Bonded by their love of brewing and love of metal, this unholy trinity of brewers has unleashed a crushing, black as night double IPA. Hail the mighty BLAKKR!


  • SWORD Iron Swan Ale

    This beer showcases the rich toffee flavors of English crystal malt, earthy and spicy English hop character, and a subtle fruitiness from our house ale yeast. Brewed with Austin’s own, The Sword. (does not contain wheat)

    Watch a video about it here.